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Costume FAQ's

Q: Are you open to the public?

A: Absolutely! Please come visit us!  If you are interested in trying on a costume, be sure to make an appointment by clicking the “Book an Appointment” button at the top, or by calling us at (713) 681-8688.

Q:  How much do your costume rentals cost?

A: Our prices range from $25 to $250, with the average adult costume rental falling around $125.  Prices vary subject to age and elaborateness of each costume.

Q: For how long can I rent a costume?

A: We rent our Individual costumes for a period of 3 days. You'll pick up your costume up the day before your event date, and it will be due back the day after your event date. 
Show Costume Rental will be given a weekly rate based on number of costumes chosen, and are still subject to late fees, and will be charged additional weekly rate if returned after contract due date.
UIL OAP Costume Rental details: TBA

Q: Can I keep the costume for longer than 3 days?

A: As a courtesy, we offer a $5/day for extra rental days per costume, if less than 3 additional days. Extra days must be paid for at time of payment transaction, and/or before pickup. For a 7 day rental, the price would change to 1 1/2 charge for the rental.  Late fees, as stated per contract, will automatically occur if costume rental is not returned by contract due date.

Q: What happens if I damage my costume rental?

A: Reasonable wear to costumes is to be expected; BUT, damage is considered to have been done by: tearing (incl. safety pin/staples damage,) burning, cutting, adding glue/adhesives, excessive make-up, removal of buttons, medallions, badges or any other trim or decoration. Damage fees, or replacement fees may occur. If an item is deemed repairable, then Damage Fees will be charged based on the repair amount required. If an item is unrepairable, then a Replacement Fee of up to 5x the rental amount will occur. This charge can be made in installments if necessary 

Q: Do you have pictures of the costume I want on your website?

A: While we do have many pictures on our website, it is not possible to have pictures of everything!  Our warehouse is home to over 40,000 costume pieces, hats, and accessories.  We highly recommend that you make an appointment with one of our skilled Costume Coordinators, as they will guide you through our collection via phone consultation in order to hand select costumes that fit your size and needs, and ready for your fitting.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment, or can I just stop in?

A: While we will never turn you away at Performing Arts Supply, we want to ensure that you get the best possible experience while visiting us.  Our Costume Coordinators not only host Individual fittings, but are also called upon to pull and perform alterations on entire shows as well as guide teachers and directors who are pulling their own costumes.  Setting an appointment allows our Coordinators to plan your visit and have ideas ready for you when you arrive.  If you do stop by without an appointment, you may be placed on a wait list during busy periods, or asked to set an appointment for a later time based on the immediate availability of a Costume Coordinator. By booking an appointment, we want to ensure our customers are getting the best service and costume choices possible during your fitting appointment. 

Q: How long have you been in business? 

A: Performing Arts Supply Co. has been serving the Greater Houston area, Texas, the Gulf Coast, and the United States since 1971.  We are the oldest costume shop in Houston and we are celebrating our 51st year in September 2022! We are honored to serve you and thank you for choosing Performing Arts Supply!

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